19. Address by the Governor to the two Houses of Legislature and its discussion in the Assembly Ė (1) At the commencement of the first session after each general election to the Assembly and at the commencement of the first session of each year, the Governor shall Address both the houses of the legislature assembled together and inform the Legislature of the causes of its summons:

[Art. 176 (1).]

Provided that the making of the prescribed oath or affirmation by a member and, the election of the Speaker, if necessary, may precede the Governorís address.

(2) At the first sitting of the Assembly held after the Governorís address the Speaker may read the address to the House.

(3) The Speaker shall in consultation with the leader of the House allot time, which shall ordinarily be four days, for discussion of the matters referred to in the Governorís address:

Provided that notwithstanding the fact that a day has been allotted for the discussion on the Governorís address other business of a formal nature may be transacted on such a day before the House commences or continues the discussion on the address.

Explanation Ė A motion for the introduction of a Bill is a business of a formal nature.

(4) On the day or days so allotted, the House shall be at liberty to discuss the matters referred to in such address on a motion of thanks moved by a member, and seconded by another member.

(5) Amendments may be moved to such motion of thanks in such form as may be considered appropriate by the speaker.

(6) The rules relating to resolution shall Mutatis mutandis apply to the discussion of such motion:

Provided that no notice shall be necessary for the moving of such motion or amendments thereto:

Provided further that no amendments may be moved except by way of addition of words at the end of the original motion.

(7) Upon the motion being adopted, with or without amendments, the Speaker shall present it to the Governor.

(8) The speaker shall read to the Assembly the reply of the governor to the motion.

20. Governor Address Under Article 175 (1)- The Speaker may allot time for the discussion of the matters referred to in the address of the Governor under Article 175(1).

[Art. 175 (1).]

21. Massage of Governor under Article 175 (2) Ė Where a message from the Governor for the House under Article 175 (2) is received by the Speaker he shall read the message to the House and Give necessary directions in regard to the procedure that, shall be followed for the consideration of matters referred to in the message. In giving these directions, the Speaker shall be empowered to suspend or vary the rules to such extent as may be necessary.

[Art. 175 (2).]