4. Summoning of the Assembly - (1) The Assembly shall be summoned by the Governor from time to time to meet at such time and place as he may appoint.

[Art. 174 (1).]

(2) The summons to members shall ordinarily be issued by the Secretary fourteen days before the date so appointed under sub-rule (1) :

Provided that when a session is called at short notice or emergency, summons need not be issued to each member separately, but an announcement of the date, time and place shall be published in the Gazette and in the press and members informed telegraphically.

5. Oath or Affirmation Every member of the House, in pursuance of Article 188, shall, before taking his seat make and subscribe before the Governor or some person appointed in that behalf by him an Oath or affirmation according to the form set out for the purpose in the Third Schedule to the Constitution and sign it and in the register kept for the purpose .

[Art 188.]

6. Seating of Members (a) The members shall ordinarily sit in such order as the Speaker may determine.

(b)No other person shall sit on the seats meant for the members in the Assembly Hall.

7. Procedure or mode of penalty under the provisions of Article 193 Any person adjudged by the Speaker to be guilty under Article 193, shall be liable to the penalty provided therefor. The decision of the Speaker in that behalf shall be final.

[Art 193.]